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The Ryokan Collection is delighted to announce the opening of
new additional building of "Atami Sekaie”
Our premium member ryokan Atami Sekaie, has opened a new building, "Atami Sekaie Tsuki No Michi (Moon Road),” on November 3, 2017.
Atami Sekaie opened in April 2015 in the resort town of Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, less than an hour from Tokyo by shinkansen bullet train. To enhance ability to pursue the essence of luxury and welcome more guests, it is opening the new facility right next door to the existing building.

A small luxury resort of 25 guest rooms in both buildings all boast rotemburo open-air hot spring baths on their veranda, fed by the local natural hot spring water sourcing since Kamakura period, 1,000 years ago. Atami Sekaie includes executive training facilities and a small luxury resort, and is the result of collaboration with Mr. Kenichi Ohmae, a leading global consultant.

Ryokan Experiences
Breathtaking View
Taking full advantage of Sagami bay's beauty, Atami Sekaie sits upon the hill. The room interiors are carefully designed to "bring the view inside” and add to the feeling of spacious luxury. The penthouse boasts a special counter kitchen overlooking the panoramic view of ocean, and a chef can be provided who can respond to guests' requests for tempura, teppanyaki and other fine foods, including kaiseki traditional haute cuisine. Atami Sekaie is the only accommodation to provide open air bath in each every room in Atami area, guests can relax in their bath in luxurious privacy, while savoring the ocean breezes wafting in from the Pacific Ocean.

The restaurant, "Hitoshio Meat Cuisine,” serves a unique style of meat-based fare that makes full use of charcoal grilling and traditional Japanese cuisine. In addition to local seafood and fresh vegetables, Hitoshio's chefs gather the best quality ingredients from all over Japan. In its luxurious private spaces, guests can enjoy our fine cuisine while admiring the spectacular views overlooking Sagami Bay. The restaurant offers corner tables by the window for pairs of diners, as well as seating for larger groups.

Health and Wellness
As a luxury resort specializing in personal care, Atami Sekaie have created a premium spa, the "Ocean Breeze Personal Conditioning Salon,” offering Sekaie Original Conditioning Treatments, under the theme "health you can take home.” Specialists determine the causes of pain and problems of the body by examining posture, habits and bodily movements and apply effective treatments to heal both body and spirit. By using the latest techniques, staff will lead clients to the best health condition through counseling on chronic physical conditions, such as fatigue, that arise from imbalanced lifestyles.

It is one of a few accommodations obtained local Halal certification in Japan, as health and wellness is one of its main business themes. These offerings have been well-received by business executives and other clients since the facility's establishment in 2015.

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