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Grand Renewal Reopening of
Kobe's Premier Ryokan, Nakanobo Zuien
Nakanobo Zuien, a premium ryokan in Arima Onsen near Kobe, has reopened its doors, on November 1 2017 after an extensive with five new rooms, facilities and features that enhance its ability to offer its guests the finest ryokan experience. Nakanobo Zuien, which has been in operation since 1872, has added five new rooms all with rotemburo outdoor baths filled with natural onsen hot spring water. This brings the total number of rooms to 49, including our "Kihin-shitsu” VIP room.

The new facilities include Japanese-style "modern deluxe” rooms, which boast both Japanese tradition and modern design and convenience, as well as their own open-air baths. In addition, Nakanobo Zuien's premium "Kihin-shitsu” VIP room has been fully upgraded, and now boasts two outdoor baths, each with a different type of natural hot spring water, with different mineral.

The ryokan's showcase restaurant has been renewed as well. The Chef's Room offers a new style of cuisine by Chef Kazuki Shimazaki, whose skill and innovation won him a Michelin star during his time working overseas. He creates his own style of cuisine using the freshest ingredients, cooked in special brick ovens in each of three private rooms. The restaurant also has a teppan-yaki counter with 14 seats.
The Inano Sabo tearoom provides a tranquil place to enjoy tea specially selected by Tea Master Yasuyuki Suda, who holds the topmost rank as tea master, one of only 13 in Japan who hold the rank. The ryokan's Japanese Garden was a favorite spot of Princess Grace of Monaco when she stayed here back in 1981. Guests can see this garden from the Riraku Lounge, which serves coffee, afternoon tea and alcoholic beverages.

Nakanobo Zuien has been serving discerning travelers more than 140 years. It is conveniently located only 1 hour from Osaka and 30 minutes from the center of Kobe. It is located in the Arima Onsen area one of the three most historical onsen hot spring towns in Japan. Its hot spring source has been healing bodies and spirits for more than 1,300 years.
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