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The Coziness of a winter retreat "Luxury for the Senses” - a series by The Ryokan Collection and kateigaho International Japan Edition
"Winter is a time when much of the nature lies quiet and dormant, yet there are pleasures aplenty to be found in the crisp air, the dazzling snow, and the delicious serenity of observing this frozen world from the sung comforts of a ryokan such as the three inns on these pages”
Kateigaho International Japan Edition, Vol. 40 Autumn / Winter 2017, Pg.74. Text by Hiromi Suzuki
Winter in Japan offers many delights - skiing, skating and other winter sports, as well as the beauty of the glistening snow, fresh surroundings and pure air. This season holds another, more timeless pleasure - fuyugomori, the pleasure of being cozy and warm as the chill wintry winds howl outside. The word hearkens back to olden times, when Japanese families would huddle around the irori charcoal heater, protected from the weather and snug in the familial warmth, spending the long winter hours in quiet contemplation and companionship.

The best way to experience these quiet pleasures is at a fine ryokan, amid a beautiful landscape and ancient traditions of omotenashi, the ancient Japanese art of hospitality. These three Ryokan Collection members are particularly adept at showing their guests the delights of fuyugomori.

The sight of the lovely Wanosato ryokan's quaint 160-year-old minka traditional houses with their majestic thatched roofs, welcomes the visitor to an experience straight out of ancient Japan. The minka were brought here from Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO heritage site. With their gassho-zukuri (praying hands) style roofs, they express age-old grace and unique charm, and together with the hearty local cuisine, they deliver a delightful fuyugomori experience.

One of the great pleasures of winter in Japan is onsen hot springs, and the lovely Kifu no Sato ryokan provides them in abundance. Nestled in the mountains of Okayama Prefecture near the ancient Yunogo Onsen, the place is a winter paradise. Soaking peacefully in a rotemburo outdoor bath after a dinner of wild boar stew, amid the snow glistening in the moonlight: This is true fuyugomori.

Tucked away in the mountains of Yamaguchi Prefecture on the Sea of Japan, Bettei Otozure ushers its guests into a world of quiet and tradition. The hushed swish of slippered feet on tatami mats inside, along with the ryokan's steaming outdoor baths and spa treatments help its guests ease into the tranquil Otozure pace of life. Another feature that helps conjure the feeling of wintry seclusion: the snowy mountainsides visible outside the rooms' floor-to-ceiling windows.

To really understand fuyugomori, of course, you must experience it for yourself, preferably in a place that serves it up with expertly and with friendly sincerity. These Ryokan Collection members, with their gorgeous locations, exquisite settings and premium omotenashi hospitality, will show you the quiet, cozy delights of winter in Japan.

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