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The Ryokan Collection Welcomes a New Member -
Auberge Maki no Oto Toyama
Luxury in a Timeless Countryside Satoyama Landscape
The Ryokan Collection is delighted to welcome a new member to its group of fine ryokan - Auberge Maki no Oto Toyama in Toyama Prefecture. Nestled in the foothills of Toyama, amid the timeless landscape of rice paddies, fields, streams, ponds and forests known as satoyama, the beautiful Auberge Maki no Oto Toyama awaits, with a way to connect with the ancient rhythms of rural life and a promise of respite from the stresses of everyday life.

Maki no Oto is a Japanese ryokan modeled after satoyama style auberge. Combining the family-style rural auberge with service based on omotenashi, the ancient art of hospitality. The name “Maki no Oto” evokes the feeling one gets listening to the sound of a cheery, crackling fire in the fireplace and the aroma of rice cooking in a makigama traditional wood-fired rice cooker, like the one that graces the ryokan's lobby.
French Cuisine with Home Harvested Rice
The restaurant at Maki no Oto is a destination in and of itself. Food lovers come from near and far to sample Chef Hiroyoshi Uno's expert cooking. He has created a unique concept of satoyama style fusion cuisine, making full use of the finest and freshest local ingredients, and preparing them with a combination of French and Japanese techniques. Uniquely served with the main dish is home harvested rice cooked daily in a makigama traditional wood-fired rice cooker. The result is innovative, artistic, healthy and delicious.
Classic Satoyama Countryside
The area around Maki no Oto is classic satoyama landscape - rice paddies, fields, streams, ponds and forests. These timeless surroundings have been developed and refined over untold centuries, as the people sought to establish a stable society and a close and sustainable relationship with nature. Throughout most of this country's history, life has flowed amid satoyama, and it is a countryside that is cherished by modern Japanese. To experience satoyama is to see Japan at its most elemental - it's no exaggeration to say that such a landscape is an integral part of the Japanese soul.
Timeless Festive Traditions
The area where Maki no Oto Toyama is located is renowned for its Johana Hikiyama Matsuri (festival). It takes place every May, and is parade festival of gorgeous floats and portable shrines. Guests could admire the floats year-round, in the Johana Hikiyama Festival Floats Museum, a short drive from Maki no Oto. Most of the floats are 300 or more years old, intricately carved, brightly painted and lovingly preserved. Also a short drive away is the traditional village of, Gokayama with its distinctive gassho-zukuri houses, where silk cultivation has taken place for centuries. The steep slope of the roofs shed the snow and provides for spacious attics, which could be used to raise silkworms and house farming tools.
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