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The Ryokan Collection Welcomes a New Member-
Hotel Ridge, a Luxurious Wellness Experience on the Seto Inland Sea
The Ryokan Collection is delighted to welcome a new member to its group of fine ryokan - Hotel Ridge in Tokushima Prefecture. Located less than an hour from the city of Tokushima on a rugged island overlooking the whirlpools of Naruto, Hotel Ridge blends traditional Japanese hospitality and aesthetics with modern design and technology to create an exclusive wellness resort that embraces the indulgence of fine wine and delicious food.
Luxurious Natural Escape
With just 10 expansive Western and Japanese suites providing spectacular views of the famed Ohashi Bridge, the craggy islands of the Seto Inland Sea, and the untamed nature of the Setonaikai National Park, Hotel Ridge provides both unparalleled natural beauty and exclusive service. Guests are invited to experience Japan's rich bathing culture at the natural hot spring, rising rich in minerals from 1500 meters below the earth into a spacious outdoor bath best enjoyed at night beneath an awning of stars undimmed by city lights. A full-service spa offers a regularly changing menu of treatments using seasonal ingredients to provide just the boost your skin needs at different times of year.
Fine Wine, Fine Dining
Pleasantly tart sudachi citrus, silky hand-stretched Handa somen noodles, achingly sweet carrots from Kaiyocho, freshly caught and fearsome looking bladefish: a meal at Hotel Ridge is a veritable tour of local specialties both famous and relatively unknown. The chefs at Hotel Ridge turn this high-quality produce into flawless kaiseki dining at Banriso, the classically elegant Japanese restaurant exclusively for staying guests, and unpretentious French fusion fare at California Table. An in-house sommelier and extensive wine list that includes award-winning partner winery Ridge Vineyards in Cupertino, California, provide intriguing pairings for both.
An Artful Encounter
Hotel Ridge's partner facility the Otsuka International Art Museum is one of Japan's largest, but it doesn't house any original artworks. Instead, it is filled with thousands of full-size replicas of Western masterpieces from the Sistine Chapel to Guernica. Otsuka's proprietary technology images and recreates the artworks on ceramic tiles. In addition to providing an excellent overview of art history in one place, the technique enables a tactile experience unthinkable with originals. Visitors can examine artworks up close, touch the brushwork and take flash photos, while children and social media mavens love posing at the cosplay stands as Vermeer's girl with the pearl earring and other beloved art icons.
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