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Early blooming “Kawazu-Zakura
Let's enjoy cherry blossoms

January 28th 2019, Tokyo Japan
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The Kawazu area is situated approximately 2 hours 40 minutes from Tokyo by train. The Izu Peninsula in which Kawazu is located is one of the more famous resort areas of Japan, which many people visit from all over Japan. Kawazu is famous among outlying areas of Tokyo as the place for early-blooming “sakura” (cherry blossoms). (Flowering Period: From late February to early March, whereas in Tokyo, sakura appears from late March or early April.)
During the sakura season in Kawazu the "Cherry Blossom Festival" is held, and this popular event attracts around a million people. If you are visiting Tokyo during this time, please pay a visit to Kawazu, both to see the delightful sakura (known here as “Kawazu-zakura”), and also to enjoy the inherent beauty of the Kawazu area itself. The sakura are just one of this area's charms. There are also seven famous hot-spring baths, well-known for being the setting of the novel “Izu no Odoriko” (The Izu Dancer), for which author Kawabata Yasunari was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. This area is also a popular hiking spot for visitors.
Near the festival site, 25 minutes by car, The Ryokan Collection member Seiryuso is located. Standing apart from Shimoda, Rendaiji, is a quieter, though still a large hot-spring town with some fascinating history. Part of that history is Seiryuso. From the moment you arrive, the opulence and beauty of this traditional Japanese inn captivate the mind. You will experience the fear of missing the many splendors with the sheer flicker of the eye. Be still and behold the magnificent beauty of Seiryuso, the first ryokan in Japan selected as a member of the elite Relais & Chateaux collection.
Hokuto Suite - Private open air bath
Luxury can be taken for granted. Here one may find that to be true. The way interior design and the charms of the past blend with the present make this room most attractive. The stylishly elegance, light and airy view from the rooms create clean and simple lines, which make up most of the beauty.
Hot Spring Swimming Pool
The pool beckons you to submerge into a world of purity where chemicals do not exist. The entire pool, filled with hot spring water and kept at a constant 33 degrees throughout the year is drained and refilled twice daily. Unwind as you soak in this pool and take your cares away.
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