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Enjoying Summer in Japan: Fireworks
In summer, fireworks displays are held all around Japan. One of the largest in western Japan is the Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival. This unique display is launched over the waters of the Kanmon Strait, between Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Moji, Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture. The display of about 15,000 fireworks attracts over 1.1 million visitors each year.
Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival: Fireworks shot from both sides, Shimonoseki and Moji
Photo by courtesy of Shimonoseki 21st Century Association
Photo by courtesy of Shimonoseki 21st Century Association

This year the Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival will be held on Tuesday, August 13.
Shimonoseki 21st Century Association
Bettei- OTOZURE located in Nagato-City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, about 1 hour inland from Shimonoseki by car. It’s surrounded by nature, the mountains, beautiful landscape and the river called Otozure.

Here the mountains do not care where you've been, the cascading sunshine and light winds that ease through the lobby, do not care where you are going... All that matters is that you are right here! Every luxurious amenity you could want beckons to be discovered. The elegant surroundings, private walk ways and the views all take your breath away.

Bettei- OTOZURE allows you to experience a traditional atmosphere in surroundings unique to Japan. The service given to guests is based on what the staff proudly call, Omotenashi- compassion, hospitality from the heart.
Type A
Over-sized windows provide unobstructed views of the Japanese mountain side and gardens. The suite features a private terrace, which is the perfect place to take in some sunshine, have a lunch or simply enjoy a favorite book. The private open air hot spring bath, large balcony, and comfortable sofa all lend to having a cozy home away from home.
Bath Honkan
Relaxed atmosphere of a solarium setting, the openhearted ambience set by the warm and healing Onsen (hot spring) water, where one can star gaze from the comfort of the Japanese Cypress wooden tub as it eases the stress from your thoughts.
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