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Enjoying Summer in Japan: Festivals
It's not a stretch to say that Awa Odori festivals are the iconic summer event in Japan. These days, versions of the festival are held around the country, but it originated in Tokushima and the city's Awa Odori is still the largest and most impressive. The powerful rhythms move dancers and spectators alike, making it a must-see part of any summer itinerary.
Photo by courtesy of AWA Odori Management Secretariat (preparatory office)
This year, events will be held from the eve of the festival on Sunday, August 11, until Thursday, August 15.
Hotel Ridge
Hotel Ridge, which has garnered rave reviews since its spring renovation, is about 40 minutes from Tokushima city by car and offers spectacular views from its perch over the Naruto Strait.
It is a luxury retreat that revels in beauty of the changing seasons and the quiet of nature without foregoing the visceral enjoyment of fine dining and luxury accommodation. Come experience the uncomplicated pleasure of this exquisite wellness resort.
The new rooms of Yoso Western-style and Waso Modern Japanese-style rooms invite you to imagine aromatic scent of the breeze of mountain and ocean. Renovated in March 2019.
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