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The Ryokan Collection
Enjoy a New View of Autumn Leaves
Standing at 1,977 meters, Mt. Tanigawa is one of the One Hundred Mountains of Japan. The leaves of the trees on Mt. Tanigawa begin to turn in early October, gradually covering the entire mountain in brilliant crimson red. The Higashifumoto portion of the mountain hosts Ichinokurasawa, one of Japan’s three famed rock facades. The harsh rock surfaces captivatingly contrast with the warm autumn reds of the Mt. Tanigawa leaves, creating a unique and spectacular view like none other.
The leaves will begin to turn in early October and the middle of October is the best time to see.

Offering more than just autumn leaves, Mt. Tanigawa gifts visitors with awe-inspiring views of the night sky, replete with countless twinkling stars. The Mt. Tanigawa ropeway whisks visitors to the top in 15 minutes, where the pitch blackness of night reveals a sea of shining celestial bodies. The mystical brilliance of the stars in late summer provide a truly unforgettable memory. With twilight revealing a new side of Mt. Tanigawa, why not take a night cruise among the stars?
This event will be irregularly held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from September 6 until November 9, 2019
About 8 minutes by car from the nearest station, Minakami Station to the Tanigawadake ropeway where you can admire beautiful autumn foliage and starry sky. Here, there is an inn, Senjuan making us savor the air of nature with top-notch Omotenashi.
Senjuan offers a rich mix of old and new, in a tasteful and elegant package. Local touches give a strong sense of place, and the history and culture of the area.
The walls are finished with tsuchikabe mud-and-straw stucco, and kumiko traditional joinery fashioned from sugi (cryptomeria) and kyoku (zelkova) wood can be seen throughout the ryokan, as can beautiful washi paper and mica prints, used for soft interior lighting, and sumi charcoal, a local industry since time immemorial.
Meals at Senjuan are served in the Hibiki restaurant kaiseki-style, with a set menu that emphasizes local delicacies. Dinner starts with a yasoushu, an alcoholic drink made by the Senjuan staff from local herbs to cleanse the palate and prepare the diner for the delights to come. The cuisine centers around seasonal local fish and vegetables grilled at the table on an irori, or small sand-filled hearth, accompanied by a variety of delicacies created in the artful kaiseki style, resulting in a fine example of Japanese cuisine.
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