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Traditional Sake Festival in Gifu
Standing at 1,977 meters, Mt. Tanigawa is one of the One Hundred Mountains of Japan. The leaves of the trees on Mt. Tanigawa begin to turn in early October, gradually covering the entire mountain in brilliant crimson red. The Higashifumoto portion of the mountain hosts Ichinokurasawa, one of Japan’s three famed rock facades. The harsh rock surfaces captivatingly contrast with the warm autumn reds of the Mt. Tanigawa leaves, creating a unique and spectacular view like none other.
Every year in Shirakawa-go, the “Doburoku Festival” is held every year from the end of September to October, praying for the god of the mountains, the richness of harvest, the security of the house and the peace of the village.

In Shirakawa-go, where shrines in each area of Shirakawa village are devoted to sacred works such as Doburoku ceremony, Lion dance, folk songs and dances related to local history.
Doburoku is the name of local Sake. It was produced in the shrine’s wine-making workshop in the late January of each year according to the method passed down in ancient times, and served only during the festival. It is said that since the Year of the Wato (about 1300 years ago), “Doburoku” has been used for ritual activities.

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Wanosato is located in the heart of Gifu prefecture, close to Shirakawa-go where Doburoku Festival is held every year. There's something magical about taking the train through the mountains of Hida-Takayama and catering your first glimpse of the Wanosato's quaint and majestic 160 years-old minka (house of the people) with 'Gassho-zukuri' roof construction, which literally means 'praying hands style'.
Tucked away in the forest, a short walk from the main building are the minka with their lichen-covered thatched roof and earthen walls, camouflaging them into a backdrop of a tale from old Japan. The love of nature instilled by Japan's religious beliefs, an abundance of forests has led Wanosato to become a well-known hot spring destination and nature retreat.
Wanosato is relatively young compared to its architecture, but it defies its youth with its preserved heritage, great taste, creativity and friendliness of its staff. The atmosphere inside the centuries-old minka is intriguing; exposed wood beams, comfortable futon and fine linen, hardwood floors, a mix of eclectic elements, unique furniture, all result in an establishment with lots of character.
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