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The Ryokan Collection
Living National Treasure Museum & Yugawara Plum Grove
Makuyama Park and its Yugawara Plum Grove were first opened to the public more than 20 years ago. Beginning in early February, the 4,000 trees burst into blooms ranging from pure white to pink and into deep red, culminating with a festival in early March known as Ume no Utage or Plum Banquet. During the day, visitors can stroll under the blossoms and browse local produce, and at night, the trees are illuminated in a romantic display.
HP: www.town.yugawara.kanagawa.jp.e.td.hp.transer.com/kankou/event/ume-top.html
Photo by courtesy of Yugawara Town
The Living National Treasures Museum is the only facility in Japan dedicated to exhibiting pieces by living national treasures, contemporary artists whose talent has been deemed an important intangible cultural asset. The collection includes pottery, textiles, metalwork, and traditional dolls. Visitors are also offered the chance to enjoy a cup of matcha served in a masterpiece created by one of these supremely skilled artisans.
HP: www.nikobi.com/english/
Photo by courtesy of Living National Treasure Museum
The wooden doors of Hakuunsou's entrance conceal a hidden world of luxury and discreet service. Yugawara's natural forests soften the guest's transition from the city and the fragrance of the hills fill the senses all year round. Guests are made to feel at home with a seasonal drink and sweet to prepare the them for the very essence of life refined.
The gentle weather most of the year will lure you to the outdoor hot spring, a scenic garden or a lovely walk in the awe-inspiring surroundings. Your senses are rewarded and delighted as energy is restored.
The gracious spirit and energy of the ryokan flows naturally like the calming waters of the Chitose River that borders Hakunnsou. The river welcomes the guests and inspires them to experience its healing minerals. Outstanding cuisine, culture and Hakuunsou's warm Japanese-style service await every guest.
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