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The Ryokan Collection
The Ryokan Collection Welcomes a New Member- The Hiramatsu Kyoto, a Gem of Local Architecture and World-class Dining
The Ryokan Collection is delighted to welcome a new member to its group of fine ryokan - The Hiramatsu Kyoto in the historic Muromachi district of central Kyoto. Occupying a renovated late-19th-century building with just 29 rooms, this ryokan provides a peaceful sanctum in the heart of the city, full of beautiful details and delicious discoveries.
Traditional Kyoto architecture
Kyomachiya refers to a style of architecture particular to Kyoto, typified by lattice-covered structures nearly flush with the street that historically had shops on the first floor and living quarters above and behind. The core of The Hiramatsu Kyoto is a beautiful wood kyomachiya once home to a prosperous kimono seller. It was lovingly renovated by Nakamura Sotoji Komuten, noted specialists in sukiya teahouse design, and retains many of the characteristic features of the style, including lengthy 'eel's bed' corridors, atmospheric interior gardens, exterior latticework, and the wave-like overlapping roof tiles known as kawara.
Signature Fine Dining
The Hiramatsu group grew out of a Michelin-starred French restaurant in Tokyo, and true to those roots, The Hiramatsu Kyoto places expressive, exciting fine dining at the center of the experience with a choice of two fine-dining venues. At la Luce, guests can enjoy modern Italian fare that draws on locally produced ingredients and washoku-influenced presentation to create a singular sense of place. At kappo kaiseki Izumi, headed by the chef of Gion stalwart Jugyuan, the influence flows the other way, with classic omakase courses supported by a wine list spanning Italy's top regions. The unparalleled quality and freshness means there is a story behind every ingredient, from silky tofu from a 200-year-old specialty shop to bamboo shoots from the hotel's own garden.
Modern Masters, Classic Antiques
Throughout the ryokan the work of Japanese artisans and artists creates a soothing atmosphere of understated luxury. The rooms are decorated with the wabi-sabi pottery and richly textured washi paper creations of contemporary artist Tsujima Shiro, with Meiji Era antiques as a classical counterpoint. At meals, gorgeous lacquerware dishes from modern master Okuda Shiro support timeless Aritayaki ceramics. Toe-curlingly plush Nabeshima carpets, subtle incense from 300-year-old maker Shoyeido, elegant Kihara porcelain teacups—every detail in the hotel has been carefully curated for an exquisite experience of Japanese craft.
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