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The Ryokan Collection
Magnificent Hakone kowakudani onsen ryokan - Hakone SUISHOEN reborn in May 2020
“Hakone SUISHOEN”, which holds registered tangible cultural property in Japan, has been reborn this May to be the more comfortable place where you can feel peace and tranquility. An elegant old building “Mitsui Suishoen” was once the country home of the aristocratic Mitsui family in the Taisho era. The cultural property revives as the restaurant Momiji, for the guests exclusively. The guest rooms are modern in style and comfortable surroundings.
Stepping in to the timeless atmosphere of elegance, Hakone SUISHOEN is welcoming the guests at newly renovated lobby with unsurpassed Japanese modern luxury.
Hakone SUISHOEN has 23 suites with private open-air hot spring baths. Some of the rooms have been refurbished to bring guests to a blissful time. Select your stay style and enjoy a quality moment.
Set in a pretty garden, a public bathing area with enormous comfortable granite bathtubs where guests can relax in a space with an atmosphere.
Built in the Taisho era, the Restaurant Momiji offers kaiseki Japanese haute cuisine, as well as teppanyaki.
Bar Ito, a huge collection of bottles of every kind including fine Japanese sake, shochu, and whiskey. Have a cup at dusk and enjoy the time while feeling the Taisho era.
Hakone SUISHOEN is a place where you can be at peace, in an environment, you will never forget.
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