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The Ryokan Collection
THE RYOKAN COLLECTION launched "Our Dedication to Your Well-Being"
Dear Valued Customers,

The world is no longer the same as before the Covid-19 pandemic. We are at the starting point of a new history. However, the infection did not spread in Japan as much as it did in other countries. You could see why by looking at our history. The primary reason is that our history intensely engages with thorough hygiene management backed by unique cultures and lifestyles. It is the culture that is incredibly unique to Japan, the spirit of hospitality respecting people and nature, and maintains a good sense of distance between people. Please visit www.ryokancollection.com/ourdedication to see the full statements of "Our Dedication to Your Well-Being" by The Ryokan Collection and "Health and Safety Measures" conducted by our 44 properties.
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