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The Ryokan Collection
10 Recommended Ryokans for Honeymoon
Once the wedding is over, many couples look forward to celebrating their newlywed status on their honeymoon. Many couples worldwide look for a perfect ryokan for the trip of a lifetime with their loved one in The Ryokan Collection. True, we cannot avoid the fact that we have a difficult time traveling at the moment, but why not dream? 2021 is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to indulge your personal idea of romance and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here are 10 of our recommended small luxury ryokans with hot spring, especially for those who have been waiting long enough to begin an unforgettable honeymoon journey.
 1  Zaborin [Location: Hokkaido]
 2  Atami Kaihourou [Location: Shizuoka]
 3  The Hiramatsu Hotels and Resorts Kashikojima [Location: Mie]
 4  Takefue [Location: Kumamoto]
 5  Yagyu-No-Sho [Location: Shizuoka]
 6  Beniya Mukayu [Location: Ishikawa]
 7  Kayotei [Location: Ishikawa]
 8  Hotel Ridge [Location: Tokushima]
 9  Sazane [Location: Chiba]
 10  Hakone-Ginyu [Location: Kanagawa]
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