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The Ryokan Collection
New Born, New Inspiration
In the member ryokans of The Ryokan Collection, there are several styles of the ryokan, from magnificent traditional ryokans with a long history to unique newborn ryokans with the hope to serve in a long history. Since last year, we had welcomed 6 new ryokans as our members: ryugon, Sazane, THE SHINRA, The Hiramatsu Kyoto, FUFU Nara, and FUFU Nikko. These 6 newly added member ryokans recently opened as a newly-built or renovated create a sensation in the ryokan industry.
 1  ryugon
Nestled in the mountains of one of the country's best ski areas, this beautifully renovated 19th-century farmhouse is surrounded by an exquisite Japanese garden and boasts a unique local gastronomy sure to surprise even the most seasoned visitors to Japan.
 2  Sazane
Located just an hour and a half from Tokyo in the peaceful seaside community of Awa, Sazane is a brand new beachfront property from hotelier Kenichi Hiruta. This contemporary ocean-view hot spring retreat is enriched by elegant Japanese craftsmanship in every detail and a seafood-based cuisine fresher than anything found in the famed fish markets or fine restaurants of the capital.
Located just two hours from Tokyo, this tower ryokan combines the best of hotel- and ryokan-style service for a relaxing escape with unforgettable food and unparalleled views.
 4  The Hiramatsu Kyoto
Occupying a renovated late-19th-century building with just 29 rooms, this ryokan provides a peaceful sanctum in the heart of the city, full of beautiful details and delicious discoveries.
 5  FUFU Nara
With a prime location on the grounds of Nara Park, this elegant new property is ideal for exploring Japan's former capital city. With a stunning contemporary design from Kengo Kuma and decor that stretches deep into local history, this small luxury hotel strikes a pleasing balance between tradition and modernity for an only-in-Nara experience.
 6  FUFU Nikko
Situated on a ravine within walking distance of the famed Nikko Toshogu Shrine and the Tamozawa Imperial Villa, this elegant new property recreates the borderless refinement of the Meiji Period with a design that combines traditional Japanese natural iconography and imported luxuries.
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