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The Ryokan Collection
Luxury for the Senses
A series by The Ryokan Collection and Kateigaho International Japan Edition
“Miyabi” - Refinement
”Miyabi” − Appreciation for the finer things. The traditional aesthetic of miyabi, born in Nara and nurtured in Kyoto, has infiltrated many aspects of the Japanese lifestyle. Nowhere are the graceful taste and refinement encompassed by miyabi more evident today than in the elegant ryokan inns of these two ancient capitals.
In this issue, Kateigaho collaborated with three of our member ryokans in Kyoto and Nara: FUFU Nara, The Hiramatsu Kyoto, and Gion-Hatanaka.
This small luxury resort opened in June 2020 in a corner of Nara Park, where shrines and temples were built in the eighth century. The two-story building, designed by renowned architect Kengo Kuma, embodies the traditional concept of harmonizing a structure with its surrounding garden. The inn harks back to the architecture of the old city, making abundant use of local Yoshino cedar and featuring traditional Nara craftsmanship. From the warm, woodsy atmosphere of the rooms, guests can look out over the greenery of the park. All rooms have outdoor baths offering a hot-spring experience complemented by pleasant breezes.

1184-1 Takabatake-cho, Nara City, Nara
30 rooms
The Hiramatsu Kyoto
This urban boutique hotel is celebrated for its building incorporating parts of an old wooden fabric merchant’s headquarters that have been restored and repurposed, showcasing details unique to traditional Kyoto townhouses while updating the whole into a modern five-story space. Opened in March 2020 on an atmospheric street close to the center of Kyoto, the establishment offers a chance to experience the aesthetics and ambience of Kyoto city life as it developed over centuries, symbolized by the term hannari, which is Kyoto dialect for all that is chic, high quality, and luxurious.

361 Ennogyoja-cho, Muromachi-dori Sanjoagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
29 rooms
The grounds of this ryokan and its exclusive traditional restaurant, located in a bustling historical sightseeing district, transport guests into a haven of stylish tranquility. A favorite of discerning travelers, Gion-Hatanaka offers a “mountain retreat” in the city, a sanctuary of serenity despite its prime urban location. The combination affords a very attractive getaway. Just as distinctively “Kyoto” is the subtle hospitality that includes matcha tea served on arrival and the use of classic fragrances in various settings. Rooms are Japanese-style with traditional furnishings and baths made from Japanese umbrella pine.

505 Gion-machi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
21 rooms
Kateigaho International Japan Edition
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