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Rediscover Evolving Nagato, Yamaguchi
Yamaguchi is located on the westernmost of Japan's main island, bordering Hiroshima and Shimane on the east and Fukuoka in Kyushu Island on the west. In Nagato City of Yamaguchi, our member ryokan, Otozure stands, continuously evolving and leading to the regional revitalization.
Magnificent Beauty and Cultures of Yamaguchi
In this EXPERIENCE article, we feature some major must-discover spots recommended by the owner of Otozure. Akiyoshi-do (the largest cave in Japan), Beppu Benten Pond, and Yakitori Izakaya Komori are the unmissable spots to visit when you’re in Yamaguchi.

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The Awe-inspiring Hagi-yaki Ceramic Artists
Hagi City is well-known for its ceramic industry and has produced many remarkable ceramic artists. In this article, we introduce three inspirational Hagi-yaki ceramic artists. It does not matter whether you’re an art fanatic or not at all – creativity comes through you, not from you. Take a glimpse of the awe-inspiring world with their imagination unbounded.

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Experience “Onto,” the Local Symbol of Traditional Hot Spring in Nagato
Nagato Yumoto Onsen is the oldest hot spring in Yamaguchi with a history of 600 years. Onto is a local symbol of day-use hot spring. This traditional hot spring facility is newly redesigned by Mr. Kazuhiro Otani, the owner of Otozure, and reborn as a brand new local symbol of traditional hot spring in March 2020, to inherit the traditions for the future.

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Find out more about Yamaguchi and Otozure/Otani Sanso via MOVIE
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