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The Ryokan Collection
Onsen Ryokan Sauna Innovations
Health therapies, including natural hot springs, have been used for healing, relaxation, and wellness in Japan for thousands of years. Japan is known for its longstanding spa culture, but did you also know the Japanese have been using saunas since ancient times?

Newly Reopened Sauna at Senjuan [Tanigawa Onsen, Gunma]
Senjuan opened a new self löyly (throwing water on the rocks) sauna in their public hot spring bath, “Ichinokura” in 2020. The temperatures range of the sauna is between 80 degrees and 90 degrees Celsius. Guests can enjoy the sauna relaxing in the chair with the pleasant outlook of the garden from the window. Shirakaba oil and Minakami-produced natural Hiba aroma oil used for this self löyly sauna will relax your mind and spirit. You are also available to use a ‘vihta,’ a bundle of fresh birch twigs traditionally used for Finnish sauna, to whip your body, which improvises your blood circulation gently. Also, the sauna walls are made of charcoal for your body to feel the heat efficiently.
Roman Steam Rooms at Seiryuso [Rendaiji Onsen, Shizuoka]
Thermalium is an ancient Roman bath-style aroma sauna zone that can be used in swimwear. Thermalium at Seiryuso is an authentic Roman steam sauna. An aroma sauna that moisturizes the skin and is wrapped in fragrance, which gently promotes sweating without straining the body so that anyone can use it, and a blissful relaxation space that can be expected to have excellent effects on beauty.
Therapeutic Sauna at Kifu No Sato [Yunogo Onsen, Okayama]
Therapeutic sauna, “Yakuseki-mushiburo” at Kifu No Sato is favored especially by their female guests. As it is only heated up to 45℃, there isn’t much burden on the body. The room is laid with 13 natural mineral stones whose qualities radiate a healing power from all directions to your body. It effectively cleans and detoxifies your skin and improves back joint pain and bone aches.
The health benefits of saunas are abundant, as well as natural hot springs. Some of our member ryokans feature different types of saunas in their public hot spring baths. The combination of using both saunas and natural hot springs will make the best of improving blood circulation, muscle function, and recovery, detoxifying heavy metals and chemicals igniting your immune system, and producing a feeling of relaxation and happiness!
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