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The Ryokan Collection
The Ryokan Collection Welcomes a New Member
– Higashiyama Shikikaboku
We are delighted to announce that Higashiyama Shikikaboku has been certified as the 47th member of The Ryokan Collection. Higashiyama Shikikaboku is a stylish reimagining of the Kyoto luxury ryokan, conceived not as an urban escape but as an exclusive entryway to the authentic, lived-in city most tourists never get to see.
Lovingly designed from the ground up by the husband-and-wife team of architect Takafumi Kawakami and interior designer Masumi Kitayama, both long-term Kyoto residents, the property combines a chic modern sensibility with a deep connection to the city’s ancient culture and crafts. Kawakami’s layout makes excellent use of the canal-side Higashiyama location to offer views of Heian Temple’s iconic red torii gate and the lush eastern mountains from the 8 guest suites. A private open-air bath and rooftop lounge area, rarities in central Kyoto, grace the upper floors. Meanwhile, Kitayama’s thoughtful design weaves an ambiance of understated luxury with one-of-a-kind antiques, seasonally changing bonsai and ikebana, bespoke linens, and the use of handcrafted materials evocative of Japanese tea culture, such as woodblock-printed karakami paper from the centuries-old Karacho house and woven ajiro wickerwork ceilings.
Higashiyama Shikikaboku forgoes the traditional in-house dinner in favor of a concierge service that provides access Kyoto’s rich culinary world, leaning on an extensive local network to guarantee hard-to-get reservations and suggest off-the-beaten-track spots tailored to each guest’s preferences. Along with a fully stocked kitchenette in each guestroom, this flexible approach makes the property ideal for longer stays.
Like staying with a trusted friend, Higashiyama Shikikaboku offers an intimate experience of Kyoto enriched by local insight and human connection, revealing aspects of the ancient city no guidebook could capture.

For more information about Higashiyama Shikikaboku, please visit our website: www.ryokancollection.com/ryokan/higashiyama_shikikaboku/
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