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"ryugon time is a relaxing and quality moment that you can recharge the body and nourish the mind while you're staying at ryugon," says Sho Hagino, the floor manager of ryugon. Locating in Minami-uonuma in Niigata Prefecture, ryugon is a heritage ryokan, which used to be an ancient temple originally built in 1496. You cannot only spend some divine moments at ryugon, but you can also explore your wellness journey by trying rejuvenating activities in the surrounding areas.

Strolling on a Bicycle and Chairing in the Country
ryugon is surrounded by vast rice fields, and there is so much to stroll around to explore and seek your ryugon time. Strolling on a bicycle and chairing (an outdoor activity where you take your foldable chair, go to an area you like, unfold your chair, and sit down and simply relax and enjoy the moment) are popular activities ryugon offers you during your stay. ryugon lends you an electric bicycle for strolling during your visit. An electric bicycle is a convenient item to walk around the countryside easily.
ryugon is deeply rooted in Unto-an. Unto-an is a temple with a history that dates back to 1,300 years ago, the Nara Period (710 AD – 794 AD). People find tranquility at the temple, among many large trees grown over the years and the care taken in every detail for the surroundings. Unto-an is located within 10 minutes location from ryugon by bicycle.
Under the stone pavement of the approach leading from the Akamon gate to the temple's main hall, the Lotus Sutra is buried one stone at a time. If you pray along this approach, it is said that you will be blessed with good fortune and happiness. Zazen experience is also available at Unto-an during the daytime every day (advance reservation is required). Feel free to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the moment.
"A Trip to be Back Yourself Again" – Helping Local Farmers
The concept of this trip more likely begins with "welcome back" than "welcome" – aiming for everyone be themselves back again by going back to somewhere or somebody, more particularly, by experiencing farming and helping the local wine farmers.
ryugon collaborates with a local winery, Echigo Winery, to brew their original wine named "Gosetsu Wine." Echigo Winery is a winery in Urasa, Minamiuonuma City, which is rare worldwide for such a heavy snowfall area. The land was originally enriched in nature, but there were considerable difficulties in adapting the soil of rice paddies to the cultivation of grapes. Over 10,000 square meters of land was hand-cultivated by Mr. Tanemura, the founder of Echigo Winery, and his associates. High-quality grapes are grown on a vast area of approximately 150,000 square kilometers. One of the highlighted characteristics of Echigo Winery is that its wine-making process makes use of the snow, such as by storing wine in a snow storage room and aging in a snow storage room, which is unique to a heavy snow region.
In addition to the winery activity, rice farming experience is available at Miyata Farming seasonally. A trip involves others, yourself, and nature. Suppose you closely look at what was surrounded by ryugon during your stay. In that case, you might discover something that wasn't there before and find yourself again fully recharged through helping the locals of this majestic travel destination. We "welcome you back" always.
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