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The Ryokan Collection
Beniya Mukayu's 95th Anniversary
Collaboration Dinner
La Maison dans le Parc x Beniya Mukayu
Spring has almost arrived, and the witch hazel in Beniya Mukayu's forest garden has started to bloom its yellow flowers.
This year marks the 95th anniversary since the foundation of Beniya Mukayu.
Join us for a collaboration dinner that combines gastronomy and nature,
celebrating the past and present while also welcoming the future.

"Salad with white dressing for early summer"
Beniya Mukayu

"Mosaic of langoustine with citrus fruit"
La Maison clans le Parc

La Maison dans le Parc
Charles Coulombeau is a talented young chef who gained experience in renowned restaurants all over France and the United Kingdom (Table des Freres Ibarboure, Les Pres d'Eugenie, Gravetye Manor) before setting up his own restaurant. He now runs the restaurant La Maison clans le Parc (1 Michelin star) in Nancy, France, with his wife Roxane. La Maison clans le Parc, as the name suggests, is a restaurant immersed in greenery, always inspired by nature and the changing seasons.

This collaboration dinner will feature some of Chef Coulombeau's signature dishes, such as the "Mosaic of langoustine with citrus fruit" and various others.
Kaiseki Horin
Beniya Mukayu's Kaiseki Horin has a large terrace facing the forest garden and, in May when the greenery is most vibrant and refreshing, we will introduce some of our spring specialties such as the Kaga Big Cucumber Soup along with Chef Coulombeau's dishes, to bring a sense of the early summer breeze.

In 2018, Charles and Roxane spent several months in Japan for their honeymoon whilst also perfecting their skills at our Kaiseki Horin, within the kitchen and dining. We are very happy to welcome Charles back to Beniya Mukayu after five years.
Beniya Mukayu
In 1928, the first generation founded a small inn along the Yamashiro Onsen Street; in 1970, the second generation moved to the present location on top of a hill; in 1993, the third generation, Kazunari and Sachiko Nakamichi, took over. Now, on its 95th anniversary, the inn has transformed into a second home engrossed in nature, surrounded by the forest garden, where we welcome guests from Japan and across the globe.
  • Dates: from Tuesday 9 May to Friday 12 May 2023
  • Start time: 6:00 pm
  • Venue: Kaiseki Horin (Beniya Mukayu)
  • Price: From ]PY 56,000 per person(per night with 2 meals, excluding 10% service charge, consumption tax and bath tax of ]PY 150).
    Wine and sake pairings are also available from 12,000 yen (excluding 10% service charge and consumption tax).
  • Reservations and enquiries: event@ryokancollection.com
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