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The Ryokan Collection
The Ryokan Collection Welcomes a New Member - OTANISANSO
The Ryokan Collection is delighted to welcome our 47th member ryokan – OTANISANSO. Nestled in the historical hot spring town, Nagato Yumoto Onsen in Yamaguchi, a traditional style luxury ryokan sits by the tranquil Otozure River next to its annex and our member ryokan, Otozure.
With only a 2-hour drive or train ride from Fukuoka, guests encounter an extraordinary experience of the natural hot spring town, Nagato Yumoto. Surrounded by the historic castle town of Hagi, renowned as the hometown of Hagi-yaki pottery, Nagato Yumoto is steeped in cultural wonders and plentiful natural splendor. With 107 guestrooms, OTANISANSO has seasonal expressions throughout the year. From salmon color spring mornings to summer nights with fluffy moonlight to autumn with gorgeous sunsets to hazy winter mornings – an authentic luxury stay at OTANISANSO with nature and unique cultural experiences of Nagato Yumoto awaits you.

panese kaiseki and special Japanese kaiseki courses. At the teppanyaki dining, “Choshu” serves you exceptional teppanyaki dishes with selected wagyu beef and freshly caught fish cooking in front of you. Nagato Yumoto is also well-known for the poultry industry and its delicious yakitori. This third dinner option, yakitori kaiseki experience at the dining, “Fukawagawa,” will blow your mind with surprisingly fresh and tasty chicken skewers that come in a variety of parts and vegetables. Lastly, the poolside dining, “Fuko,” provides seasonal Japanese kaiseki in a breezy atmosphere.

While the private open-air baths in Suites have great mountain or river views, the comfort in a natural setting the communal baths provide you in “Seseragi” and “Komorebi” allow guests to relax in the living nature. Meanwhile, Otozure Grande Spa serves up a pure bliss spa experience with treatment using oils from British luxury spa brand ELEMIS.
As OTANISANSO is nestled in superb natural surroundings, the telescope dome invites guests into a curious cosmic world, the gallery exhibits the history and cultures of Nagato Yumoto, and the kawadoko terrace experience by the Otozure River serves an authentic nature luxury experience with relaxation.
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