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The Ryokan Collection
Exclusive offer for LRC members – GION MATSURI in Kyoto
The Ryokan Collection has successfully secured 4 special seats for Gion Matsuri in Kyoto held on 16/17 July 2023 and with super price only for our members.

Enjoy an exclusive visit to the Kanko-boko Float, one of the Gion Matsuri Festival’s most popular floats to visit. You will be able to experience going on the float, listening to live festival music (hayashi) and having a private guided tour around the float’s marvelous collection of ornaments.
Savor Kyoto’s seasonal dishes at one of Kyoto’s long-established restaurants, Kinobu. After sunset, visit Kanko-boko to witness the climax of the festival’s eve, Chochin Otoshi or “the lantern fall,” from a reserved area. When the festival music culminates at the end of the evening, the long strands of lanterns by the float will drop, creating a dramatic scene. The following day, you will watch the procession of the floats, Yamahoko Junko, from premium seats.
For details, please refer to the following URL. Super prices are also available for LRC members. For price inquiries and booking, please be sure to contact THE RYOKAN COLLECTION at info@ryokancollection.com. We are happy to make necessary arrangement for our members.

  • Applications will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
  • No special price is applied if you book it directly to Gion Matsuri
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