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The Ryokan Collection
Incredible New Features of Hotel Ridge
Hotel Ridge is an exclusive wellness resort located less than an hour from the city of Tokushima. With the remodeling of all 10 suites in 2019, Hotel Ridge continuously evolves by building a new "Zeiso" suite and a heliport facility this year.
The new suite, "Zeiso," is the only one expansive suite with an ample floor space of 120 square meters. The suite comprises a living room, a reading room, a bedroom, and a bathroom with two indoor baths: one jacuzzi bath, one hinoki bath, and a spacious 29-square-meter terrace.
Hotel Ridge is perched upon a mountain overlooking the spectacular views of Naruto Ohashi Bridge and Setonaikai National Park. There is no other place like Hotel Ridge, which offers a luxurious natural escape where adults can connect with the untamed nature of Setouchi and reset their own equilibrium.

Additionally, a new heliport facility was added to the property in February 2023, so guests can fly into the ryokan directly from anywhere in Japan anytime. The helicopter is operated by Ogawa Air, which has about 80 places across Japan to clearance permission to land. It is a 30-minute distance from Osaka and only a 20-minute distance from Kobe Port.
Hotel Ridge is a luxury retreat that revels in the beauty of the changing seasons with fine dining. Come experience the new version of uncomplicated pleasure of this exquisite wellness resort.
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