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The Ryokan Collection
Sazane’s New Private Villa, Misasa
Misasa is a one-building independent private villa adjacent to Sazane and newly opened on 4th August 2023. Though Sazane is an adult-only resort, Misasa welcomes children for your memorable family stay. The large site is equipped with a private garage like your own residence. The rooms are resort-style, with an integrated living room and bedroom.
The bath area has a semi-open-air bath with natural hot springs, a private sauna, a cold bath, and an outdoor air bath corner. Furthermore, on the 2nd floor, there is an elegant bar salon overlooking the legendary island Misasa Island, which is the origin of the villa.
Meals are served in the morning and evening at the villa. For dinner accompanied by prestigious wines and local sake, enjoy the seasonal hearth kaiseki, where the butler finishes right in front of you.
While the legendary island that became the setting of the myth is watched over, Misasa delivers a relaxing resort stay and five-star private experiences.
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