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The Ryokan Collection
GENSEI and USUKŌ at Beniya Mukayu
Perched on a hill overlooking Yamashiro Onsen town, Ishikawa Prefecture, Beniya Mukayu offers a perfect blend of friendly, attentive service and serene tranquility in harmony with nature.

Mukayu means "richness in emptiness": through the architecture and minimal interior design, the ryokan makes the most of its natural blessings and brings the natural world and indoor spaces together.
Two Communal Baths
Thanks to its famous hot springs, Kaga region has been a destination for seekers of inner peace and physical healing for over 1,300 years. Beniya Mukayu’s new communal baths are another good reason to visit Kaga and the nearby Kanazawa. The source of renowned Yamashiro Onsen contains high concentration of calcium, sodium and sulfate that not only improves blood circulation and soothes fatigue by thermal effects, but also improves physical and dermatological conditions.

Both opened on November 1st, 2023, GENSEI is a bath for tranquil meditation featuring a round backrest in the bathtub; USUKŌ is a bath made of white cypress wood for purifying the body and mind.

Each communal bath features an indoor bath, an open-air bath, and sauna. They are available to all guests, separated by gender.
About Beniya Mukayu
Owned and run by the Nakamichi family since 1928, Beniya Mukayu is a boutique ryokan built around a Forest Garden where large trees grow freely. All 16 rooms and suites face the Forest Garden, and they are equipped with private open-air hot spring baths, for you to feel in harmony with nature.
Three Libraries
Beniya Mukayu features three libraries, each one with its own unique atmosphere where you can enjoy reading a variety of books.

Main Library

Forest Library

Library Zero
Spa Entei and its signature treatments were inspired by the local history of Yakushiyama - Healing Buddha’s Mountain - where local monks healed people using hot spring water and medicinal herbs. The treatments are based on the principle of the medicinal herbal matrix “Ho, Sha, Ryu, Cho” exclusively created for the Spa Entei by Dr. Toshitaka Koi.

Dinner and breakfast are served at the Horin restaurant which has a large terrace overlooking 300 years old sacred red pine tree. Kaga and Noto, famous for their rich mountain and sea bounty, are a treasure trove of ingredients. The finest Japanese cuisine is served on tableware made by local artisans and include Kutani porcelain and lacquerware from Yamanaka and Wajima.
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