Hokkaido-Spectacular Nature Noboribetsu & Otaru
5 Days 4 Nights (April – October)
  • Day 1
  • Arrival at Shin Chitose
Hokkaido - Japan's northernmost island prefecture, is known all over Japan for its wild beauty and delicious food. The prefecture supports a thriving tourism industry, with people coming to enjoy its dramatic unspoiled nature (including active volcanoes, large clear lakes and vast virgin forests), outdoor sports like skiing, hiking and hot spring-soaking, and the delights of its huge variety of food.

Arrive at Shin-Chitose Airport and welcomed by your guide at arrival lobby. You will travel to the Noboribetsu area by private car.

Stroll through Noboribetsu Jikokudani Valley. Jikokudani Valley is and old volcano crater which erupted 10,000 years ago and is now the main source of Noboribetsu's hot spring water. Follow the hiking trails and find the natural hot spring Oyunuma River where you can enjoy a natural hot spring foot bath.


Visit the Ainu Museum, an outdoor museum that exhibits the history and cultural assets of the Ainu (indigenous people of Hokkaido), and enjoy traditional Ainu folk dance (registered as an intangible cultural asset by UNESCO).
*Dance performance is available from 9:15-16:15 every hour.

Arrive at Takinoya. Enjoy the onsen hot spring baths that boast five different types of water, piped in from Jikokudani Valley, each with a different mineral content, acidity and alkalinity to ease both body and spirit.

  • Day 2
  • Lake

Depart Takinoya and travel to Lake Toya with your guide by private car.

Visit Showa Shinzan mountain. Showa Shinzan is a rare mountain which appeared after a series of earthquakes and rose from the earth in just two years in 1944-45.

LUNCH – at a local restaurant by Lake Toya.

Join your guide for a nature tour to watch wild Ezo deer and giant trees on an uninhibited island, Nakajima, in Lake Toya.

Return to Takinoya.

  • Day 3
  • Noboribetsu
Check out from Takinoya and travel to Lake Shikotsu with your guide by private car.

Arrive at Lake Shikotsu. This crater lake was formed over 40,000 years ago as a result of volcanic activity. Its water is amazingly clear, with visibility to a depth of 25 meters, and it does not freeze in most winters. Lake Shikotsu, with a maximum depth of 363 meters, is the second deepest lake in Japan.

 Option 1 Sea Kayak on the crystal-clear lake and have a rest with homemade sweets and coffee or tea on the deserted beach.
 Option 2 Fishing with a professional angler at Shikotsu, a famous place for big trout

LUNCH – Following options.
 Option 1 BBQ lunch with BBQ master at the lakeside
 Option 2 French full-course lunch cooked with local fresh food at the hotel by the lake

Transfer to Ginrinsou. Perched high atop a small cape with a breathtaking panoramic view of Ishikari Bay, Ginrinsou's beautiful open-air hot spring bath offers a rare and spectacular delight.

  • Day 4
In the morning depart from Ginrinsou with your guide by private car.

 Option 1 Explore the Blue Grotto by sea kayak. The beautiful Blue Grotto is accessible only by sea kayak
 Option 2 Enjoy making a music box with the natural wood in Hokkaido.
 Option 3 Fruits picking. Variety of fruit such as strawberries, cherries, grapes, plums and prunes can be picked.

Afternoon is at leisure.

One of the options is to stroll by Otaru Canal, the symbol of the town of Otaru. Lining the canal are stone warehouses that recall the city's prosperous past.

Return to Ginrinsou.

  • Day 5
Check out from Ginrinsou and transfer to Shin-Chitose Airport by private car.