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We are Luxury Travel Japan, and we provide elevated, tailor-made journeys in Japan, from itinerary creation to hotels, guides, transportation arrangements, unique in-destination experiences and more, all geared towards discerning global travelers. We are particularly well suited to provide our guests with unique and memorably cultural experience in settings that amaze. I myself retain qualifications as a teacher of Japanese traditional musical instruments, including the koto and shamisen. It is my heartfelt desire that, by way of our superiorly tailored experiences, customers leave us with a feeling of closeness to Japanese culture and a heightened fondness for the country.

The photo at top is of Murouji, a beautiful temple with a long, storied history located deep in the mountains of Nara. Fortunate enough to recently pay Murouji a visit. I prayed for the happiness of everyone in 2021. I also prayed that we’ll soon all be able to revel in Japan’s wonderful scenery, be it the cherry blossoms of spring, the summer festivals, or the autumnal changing of the colors.

Some of you may have never been to Japan, while some may have visited many times.
The glory of Japan’s four distinct seasons, allows us to embark on correspondingly delicious culinary odysseys. Naturally, completely different scenery also awaits your discovery in each season. And it’s not just about the seasons, either. A first-time visitor to Japan once remarked to me, "I didn't know Japan had such different landscapes depending on the region. I would like to go to other regions next time." Though not a huge country, Japan is long and narrow, running from the far north of Hokkaido to the tropical Okinawa.

What will you do next time you come to Japan? Tell us your dreams. Let us run with them and develop a travel plan that will live in your memories long after you return home. In addition to fully planned trips to Japan, we also welcome inquiries for day trips, unique cultural experiences, restaurants, etc. anywhere in Japan. Please do feel free to contact us for requirements large or small.

Mari Nozu
Founder & CEO

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