TOKYO WAY offers access to Japan’s most special people, places and experiences. We are a full-service Japan-based luxury destination management company covering the entire country. All tours are fully customized in close consultation with agents or guests. Our travelers stay in some of the world’s best hotels and exquisite ryokans deep in the countryside. We are a licensed Japanese travel agent founded and run by an American who majored in Japanese at Harvard. Our local team assures that trips run seamlessly and maximize use of guests’ time and budget We listen to our guests’ wishes, dreams and requirements and bring to bear all our deep knowledge, connections and resources in Japan, to co-create trips that offer the possibility of deep access to Japan and its people and values, through a trip uniquely crafted for each party. Our guides and experts have the skills and character to facilitate that experience.

Experience the astonishing flowering of culture that emerges in Japan from dedicated practice to transcend the ego and a humble acceptance of humanity’s place within nature. From Japanese values spring exotic, alluring worlds like sumo, geisha and kabuki, and also hypermodern trains and digital experiences. Tea from ubiquitous vending machines delivers quick refreshment, and tea from a master’s bamboo whisk offers mindfulness and perhaps a glimpse of the infinite.
Our expertise and connections extend to all aspects of life in Japan—food and drink, art, gardens, artisanry, architecture, history, pop culture, hiking and bicycling, wellness and spirituality, technology, fashion, martial arts, music, sports, nightlife, festivals and more. We look forward to the chance to be of service in your exploration of Japan.

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