Kitchen Knife crafted by swordsmith

  • Kitchen Knife crafted by swordsmith
  • Available from JPY 30,000.
Knives used in the kitchen must be properly sharp, and hold their edge during use.
Having the appropriate knives, from all-purpose knives to paring knives. in the home kitchen makes the cooking process, such as carving meat, filleting fish and cutting vegetables, easier and much more pleasurable.
Especially for men who love cooking, or women who like the challenge of creating fancy dishes, a fine Japanese knife can be a welcome presence in the kitchen.
If you decide to buy a fine Japanese knife, the maker can personalize your new knife by engraving your name on its blade, if you like.

Kazuki Kawashima
Sword maker Kazuki Kawashima won the prestigious New Sword Exhibition contest the first time he participated. He is a representative Osafune sword smith, and has been hailed as a young genius.
Nowadays, he makes swords at his studio deep in the lush countryside outside of Osafune.
Kawashima was born the eldest son of Masahide Kawashima, the 14th generation of a highly respected family of sword makers, in 1970.
As a child, he often watched as his father processed pieces of iron into shiny, razor-sharp steel swords. He was attracted and fascinated by the various steps of the process, and deeply impressed by his father’s skill and artistry.