Yukata – a lovely Japanese tradition

  • Yukata – a lovely Japanese tradition
  • JPY 10,000
The yukata, a type of casual cotton kimono, is a welcome sign of summer in Japan. The light clothing is cool and breathable, making it a comfortable choice in hot weather. Young women in particular like to dress up in bright, colorful yukata, often with lovely floral designs. In summer, they’re a common sight, especially during festivals, fireworks shows and the like. Yukata for older women tend to be a bit less flashy, and those for men have darker and more subdued colors.
“Yukata” literally means “bathing cloth,” and they are often seen, all year round, in traditional ryokan, as well as at hot spring resorts, where they are worn as after-bath wear.
Sumiya ryokan encourages its guests to wear its specially designed yukata, created 70 years ago by the grandmother of the current Okami-san (proprietress), when she was the head of the household. The design makes use of “betsuzome,” a special dying technique, to give the yukata their distinct, rich colors. These beautiful garments go well with the warm service and quiet charm of this beautiful ryokan.