FUFU Atami


The beautiful FUFU Atami ryokan is a fairly new facility, having opened only in 2004; nevertheless, it embodies the very essence of omotenashi, the Japanese fine art of hospitality, whose attitudes and practices have been refined over centuries.
You first encounter FUFU Atami ryokan as you cross a bridge over a rushing brook that is warm from the Atami hot spring source. An enormous rock sculpture out front announces that this is a ryokan that is both luxurious and innovative in its approach to personalized service, as you ease into the delightful, relaxing FUFU experience.
A pleasant 40-minute ride from Tokyo on a Shinkansen bullet train brings you to Atami station, where the ryokan's shuttle bus will take you from the station to the ryokan - a friendly and painless transition from the hustle-bustle of the city into a world of serenity, friendly pampering, fine dining and personalized service.
FUFU's staff are highly trained in the sublime art of omotenashi, and the ryokan has all the comforts and convenience one would expect from a modern, premium hotel, including in-room check-in and check-out, first-class spa treatments, unsurpassed gourmet kaiseki Japanese haute cuisine, and round-the-clock butler service.
The town of Atami is a charming resort destination, and has been for centuries, and there are plenty of pleasant and fun things to do in the area. The neighborhoods surrounding FUFU are full of pretty nooks and hideaways, as well as numerous hotels and private houses, perched precariously on the steep mountainsides surrounding the town - a wonderful place to explore.