FUFU Kyoto


Nestled at the foot of Higashiyama, between a garden considered a modern masterpiece and a sakura-lined waterway flowing with Lake Biwa’s lifeblood waters, FUFU Kyoto is a new luxury ryokan that embodies the beauty of Kyoto’s ancient culture while providing the comforts of modern technology.

Located at the very northern edge of the district, steps away from historic Nanzen-ji Temple, FUFU Kyoto provides a more expansive experience than the narrow alleys and closed off machiya further south. Going back to the days of the imperial court, this area of lush nature and mountain views made it a popular choice among Kyoto’s elite for sprawling residences and vacation homes.

Like those opulent properties, FUFU Kyoto features its own Japanese-style garden with detached teahouse. Called Yae Hitoe after a variety of sakura, the teahouse provides the venue for a range of exclusive experiences such as geisha performances and tea ceremonies. At night, it becomes an exclusive bar, with local sakes and original cocktails served in elegantly etched glassware.

Restaurant Ioto provides creative kyo-kaiseki cuisine in a mixture of private rooms, a garden-facing counter, and a theater-style kappo counter where guests can watch the chefs charcoal grilling the signature sumibiyaki dishes or contemplate the exquisite bonsai terrarium and maki-e lacquer art by Yui Higashibata.

In addition to a design that draws heavily on elements of traditional Kyoto architecture and the rich warmth of natural materials like washi paper and sakura wood, the rooms feature one-of-a-kind pieces from local artisans. Fresh flowers in ceramic vases and a tea ceremony set complete with custom iron kettle nod to ancient arts like ikebana and sado, while heated floors, Bose speakers, and tablets for touchless communication provide a global standard in comfort. Each room also features a private hot spring bath, a rarity in Kyoto, with a tub crafted from aromatic hinoki cypress.

At FUFU Kyoto, guests can enjoy the dynamic changes of the season, wrapped in the natural world, and still have all the pleasures of Kyoto at their fingertips.