Entering Hakone SUISHOEN is like stepping into another world - a timeless world of serenity and calm, peace and tranquility, and unsurpassed luxury. It can be a little surreal, too - only 40 minutes on the whispering Shinkansen bullet train brings you from the frenzied hustle and bustle of Tokyo to this beautiful luxury ryokan, which graces the top end of accommodation in the sleepy resort town of Hakone.
In the central courtyard of SUISHOEN is an elegant old building that was once the country home of the Mitsui family. Built in 1925, this magnificent structure is not just beautiful - it's a piece of history, listed as a Registered Cultural Asset by the Japanese government. It was transported here from its original location to serve as both the literal and the aesthetic center of SUISHOEN. With its old-time feel and prewar atmosphere, the building is an elegant and timeless venue for dining in the Momiji restaurant and relaxing in the lounge.
SUISHOEN's interior design is a modern take on traditional design. Carefully placed artworks and elegant furniture provide both a Japanese sense of place and warm, comfortable surroundings. Traditional design elements, such as Edo karakami - a kind of paper that has been popular for centuries for decorating sliding doors and walls - grace the interiors of the ryokan's 23 rooms with ancient accents.
Amid the timeless sounds of birdsong, babbling water, and breezes rustling in the bamboo leaves and whistling in the pine forests, Hakone SUISHOEN is a place where you can be at peace, in an environment you will never forget.