Yosegi-zaiku (Parquetry)-Wooden coasters

  • Yosegi-zaiku (Parquetry)-Wooden coasters
  • JPY 4,500 for assorted three pieces
Yosegi-zaiku is a technique of making beautiful parquetry that is unique to the Hakone area. Patterns are made by taking advantage of the differences in color and texture of various kinds of wood. The craftsman arranges wooden rods into the pattern he wants, glues them together, then cuts thin slices off the end, which are used to adorn various kinds of handicrafts, such as picture frames, vases, “puzzle boxes” and jewelry.
Yosegi-zaiku is famous as a traditional craft of Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture, a town with 200 years of history. At Hakone SUISHOEN, you can see artworks by local artist Ken Ota, which give you a taste of Hakone’s rich history and natural beauty.

Ken Ota

Ken Ota has always loved handicrafts that are rooted in people’s daily lives and passed on from ancient times in Japan. He lives in Hakone, because the area is a great place to learn about the traditions that Japanese artisans have established over many hundreds of years. He can then pass these traditional on to the next generation, all while living close to nature.
"My greatest desire is to perfect my abilities by continually learning, so that my artworks will be cherished and kept for many lifetimes into the future,” he said. "I hope my art will play a role as a bridge between people and things and help them connect and communicate with each other."

* Founded a group of young Yosegi-zaiku (parquetry) artists, called “Zouki-bayashi.”
* Has participated in domestic and overseas exhibitions.
* Exhibited and won prizes at the Craft Competition of the Tree and the Japan Craft Exhibition.
* Won the Grand Prix at the Seventh Nationwide Wood Craft Competition.
* Has participated in domestic and overseas exhibitions.