The Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts Atami


With a focus on dining and art, The Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts Atami is a ryokan with a modern edge, and offers an appealing destination for discerning travelers. The concept is that of a very exclusive, high-end French auberge – a dining destination with rooms for overnight stays. Mr Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, executive chef and the founder of the company, fell in love with France at an early age, and returned there numerous times as he built his group of fine restaurants. He noted that some of the finest restaurants in France are in quite out-of-the way places, and many of them have simple accommodations to save their guests from having to make the long trip home after their meal. He decided to bring the concept to Japan.
Everywhere in The Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts Atami, both the art and the architecture express the fusion of East and West, Japanese and European – fantastic paintings by surrealist Joan Miro and landscape painter Tamako Kataoka grace many of the walls, and numerous works of shodo calligraphy by Yuichi Inoue provide both traditional sensibility and modern dynamism.
The building itself was built around a traditional besso, or country villa, slightly modernized but with its beautiful architectural lines and gorgeous interior maintained.
The result is a lovely and practical blend of luxurious tradition and innovative modern design that make staying at The Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts Atami an experience to remember.