The Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts Atami


Japanese Suite "Ume-no-ma"
Ume no Ma ‘Japanese Suite’ whose design is traditional Japanese-style, with shoji screens separating the rooms and fragrant tatami reed mats on the floors. Outside on their terraces are lovely big Rotemburo (Open-air hot spring) and comfy outdoor sofas, as well as pretty gardens and an infinity pool reflecting the gorgeous view.
Ume no Ma has Japanese ume plum trees on its veranda garden, which flower prettily in the early spring and bear fruit in summer. The suite, The Hiramatsu & Resorts Atami’s largest, boasts a huge veranda with a sweeping view of the bay on one side and Atami Castle on the other.Ume no Ma has a private entrance for guests who prefer to arrive incognito. Floor-level furniture, including a massive dining table, are accented by exquisite wood carvings and accessories often found in the homes of wealthy Japanese – antique lacquer letter boxes and bronze ashtrays, for example.