The Hiramatsu Kyoto


From the famed Hiramatsu hospitality group comes a thrilling new Kyoto ryokan combining their trademark focus on world-class dining with the elegant charm of traditional machiya architecture and Japanese craftsmanship.

The Hiramatsu Kyoto is located in the historic Muromachi area in the heart of the city, just steps from Nishiki Market, and occupies a late-19th-century building lovingly renovated by Nakamura Sotoji Komuten, noted specialists in sukiya teahouse design. The building retains the characteristic features of Kyoto's unique architectural style, including the lengthy 'eel's bed' corridors, atmospheric interior gardens, and exterior lattice windows whose pattern announces its previous incarnation as a kimono shop. The attentive staff add to this timeless feel by maintaining local customs such as uchimizu, sprinkling water in the entranceway to welcome guests, and burning incense from 300-year-old Kyoto maker Shoyeido.

In the 29 spacious rooms, fine examples of Japanese artisanship create a soothing wabi-sabi atmosphere. The design focuses on natural materials—tsuchikabe earthen walls, handcrafted wood furniture, washi paper lamps and screens, burnished metal detailing—to bring the natural world into these interior sanctums. Nabeshima carpets, Arita pottery, artworks by contemporary potter Tsujima Shiro, and Meiji-Era antiques surround guests in elegant beauty, while modern amenities like microbubble jacuzzi bathtubs ensure complete comfort.

Of course, the star of any Hiramatsu property is the food. The Hiramatsu Kyoto offers two equally stellar options: classic kappo-style Japanese cuisine at Izumi and modern Italian at La Luce. Both draw on local produce, a shared globe-spanning drinks list, and exquisite views of different interior gardens to create memorable meals for guests and outside diners alike.

This ryokan, like Kyoto itself, is exquisite down to the smallest details.