The Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts Sengokuhara


The beautiful and elegant Hiramatsu Sengokuhara, another jewel in the crown of Hiramatsu Hotels and Resorts’ chain of high-end luxury auberge-style hotels, is a welcome addition to the high-end accommodations in the famous resort town of Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture. The concept at this hotel is, as at the group’s other locations, very exclusive, high-end accommodations with an excellent restaurant at their center.
The auberge concept is well-suited to the Hiramatsu company, which made its name over several decades with its group of first-class restaurants in Japan as well as in New York and Paris. Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, the founder of the company, is a longtime lover of all things French, and based his restaurants on the cuisine of that country, as well as that of Italy. Some of the best restaurants in those countries are in rather remote places, making it difficult for guests to get there and return home afterwards. Therefore, many of these restaurants maintain simple accommodations so that their guests do not have to rush home after their meal.
Befitting the concept, Hiramatsu Sengokuhara is primarily a dining destination – the restaurant forms the center of the experience here, and the rooms and the unsurpassed hospitality allow the guests to relax and spend some time in beautiful Hakone.
The hotel provides an appealing location for guests seeking a pleasant trip out of Tokyo for an overnight sojourn as Hiramatsu Sengokuhara’s expert staff apply their skills in omotenashi, the traditional art of Japanese hospitality.
Gorgeous art is everywhere you look, so that the hotel is itself almost like a fine art gallery, matching well its placement in Hakone, a place famous for its excellent museums.
Chef Kenjiro Yoshikoshi puts his individual stamp on the entire hotel, taking charge of every aspect of the guests’ comfort – down to the placement of flowers and details of the interiors, and his ideas and sensibility enhance the entire Hiramatsu Sengokuhara experience.