The Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts Sengokuhara


1F Twin
The 1F Twin rooms are at 79 sq. meters with a view of the small ground-level garden, which is lush in the summer, and in winter is a riot of red flowers.

The idea is that the rooms can be like a besso – a villa or second home – to which guests can retreat to recharge their batteries. The style is spare but comfortable – a relaxed atmosphere, with art books to read, beautiful art to set the mood, and tidy little accents, such as rugs that provide individuality and a homey touch.
The room boasts a substantial pink marble stone bathtub, which face the floor-to-ceiling windows and the view outside. It is fed by clear Shin-Ubako, renowned for its ability to render the skin soft and glowing and is beneficial for a host of ailments, both physical and spiritual. The window can be opened to let the nature in for a rotemburo (open-air bath) experience.
It has a glass-walled anteroom for additional privacy. Furnished with high-class furniture, each room’s interior design is unique. The beds are super-comfy with mattresses by REGALIA and can be swapped out for doubles if the guest prefers. The bath amenities are all the highest quality items by Bulgari, and the towels are by Imabari. The minibar offers Perrier and San Pellegrino waters, as well as juice/nectar by the European brand Alain Milliat.