Kifu No Sato


For generations, the lovely Kifu-no-sato ryokan has been an institution in the Yunogo area of Okayama Prefecture. Its Tsuyoshi Sasaki, had a passion for flowers, and for the traditional Japanese art of ikebana, and this shows in the interiors of the ryokan - dozens of beautiful flower arrangements grace its halls and rooms to provide flashes of beauty, as well as a connection to the natural world.
The ryokan displays all the luxury and refined taste one expects from a high-end establishment, including lovely interiors, impeccable service, relaxed, friendly hospitality, and exquisite attention to detail. The interior spaces, including the hallways, are carpeted with tatami, providing a restful aroma and enhancing the relaxed atmosphere. The interior design - down to the matchboxes - is meant to reflect the beauty of flowers and the passing of the seasons.
Kifu-no-sato's management is now in its fourth generation. The Sasakis are also passionate about their place in the community, which is why Kifu-no-sato features art, crafts, furniture and foods created by local artists and craftsmen.
The ryokan's location in the Yunogo historical quarter places it in a fascinating historical context, in the middle of what was once the ancient domain of Bizen, and the birthplace of the renowned swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. This area is now a hotbed of traditional crafts, with a host of craftspeople, young and old, striving to revive Japan's traditional ways.