L'Hotel du Lac


Nestled on the shores of Lake Biwa, in the midst of a lush forest, sits L'Hotel du Lac, waiting to welcome you to an expansive, natural world with spectacular views of the beautiful lake and islands floating serenely in the distance. Wildlife including deer and troops of monkeys roam the grounds and the surrounding forests, and all manner of birds flit in the trees and waterfowl populate the lake. In spring, cherry blossoms line the lakeshore boulevard that passes in front of the hotel – one of the most spectacular blossom-viewing places in Japan. Wine and fine cuisine draw people here too, and since it reopened recently after a major overhaul, L'Hotel du Lac has quickly gained a reputation as a premium dining destination, with an enviable wine cellar selected by award-winning sommelier Shinya Tasaki and exquisite French and French-Japanese fusion cuisine to match. The hotel has also become known as a casual getaway for sophisticated people with a taste for luxury. Carefree and family friendly, L'Hotel du Lac has accommodations ranging from casual freestanding villas among the trees to premium suites in the main building, with all the comforts one would expect from a premium Japanese boutique hotel, including big, relaxing ofuro baths, a shochu bar, and plenty of omotenashi hospitality and tender loving care from the friendly staff.
The lobby welcomes guests to the spacious world of the hotel, its huge, two-story windows offering broad vistas over the lake and mountains. The hotel occupies 140,000 square meters of lakefront land, and opened under new management in 2010 after a thorough renewal.
L'Hotel du Lac is somewhat secluded, but that's part of its appeal. There is a lot to do in the neighborhood, though. Lake Biwa, Japan's biggest lake, is a popular vacation spot for people from all over Japan. L'Hotel du Lac has its own beach out in front of the hotel, and tons of water sports like boating, swimming and fishing to go along with it.
The lovely road leading past the property boasts 8km of cherry trees – which in spring erupt in a spectacular show of sakura blossoms and flurries of drifting pink petals.,br>The surrounding area abounds in natural beauty, and there are dozens of historical sites to visit nearby, including ancient castles and battlegrounds. The nearby Oku-Biwako Parkway is beautiful at any time of the year, and the pretty Chikubu Island, visible from the hotel, is reachable by ferry from Imazu Port.