Auberge Maki no Oto Toyama


The beautiful Satoyama Maki no Oto ryokan takes its inspiration from both omotenashi, the traditional Japanese art of hospitality, and the satoyama style French auberge. The result is a fusion of Japanese and European sensibility in a small, friendly, family-style establishment. The lobby, with a fire in the fireplace in the comfortable sitting room that serves as the ryokan’s lobby, establishes an atmosphere of old-time comfort, friendly hospitality and rural luxury.
The region around Maki no Oto typifies satoyama – a landscape of mixed small agriculture in a close and sustainable relationship with nature, the very definition of the traditional and storied Japanese countryside.
It is a timeless scene, with the fields lush and the mountains green in the warmer seasons, and the landscape snowy and tranquil in winter. The people here follow the rhythms of rice cultivation – preparing the fields, planting and harvesting, then burning the rice stubble in the fields in the fall to prepare for winter and nurture the soil.
Guests at Maki no Oto can fully experience the ancient flow of the seasons as untold generations have, in a close and intimate relationship with nature. The experience is both soothing and uplifting, as you get in touch with the rhythms of Mother Earth. The name “Maki no Oto” evokes the feeling that arises from the sound of a cheery, crackling fire in the fireplace and the aroma of makigama traditional wood-fired rice cooker, that is installed just off the lobby.
These and other rustic touches serve to match the surroundings and solidify the ryokan’s strong sense of place.