Auberge Maki no Oto Toyama


Natural Modern Edatsubaki
The rooms at Maki no Oto are designed as an extension of the lobby atmosphere – simple, homey and comfortable, as befits a proper auberge. They feature a tasteful combination of natural tradition and modern comfort and convenience, a fusion of Japanese and Western influences with an emphasis on inviting light and nature inside.
All the rooms are equipped with easygoing couches and chairs, high-end audio and TVs, brand-name amenities, and high-tech toilets, as well as coffee and tea makers.
The floor-to-ceiling windows look out onto the classic satoyama landscape with fields of flowers, rice and vegetables of various kinds, and the forest and mountains beyond.
This 53-sq.-meter corner room is Western-style, and boasts a wrap-around veranda with two-sided windows that connect the room with the flower garden and the rest of the natural world outside. With its sofa, easy chairs and twin beds, it is suitable for two guests staying in comfort. Its big, blue ceramic bath sits invitingly in a spacious bathing room with rich granite walls.