Explore Amazing Local Food and Unforgettable Seaside Experiences on the Boso Peninsula
Explore Amazing Local Food and Unforgettable Seaside Experiences on the Boso Peninsula
The Boso Peninsula is a large land mass located in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture, which takes only an hour and a half from Tokyo by car or bus. Although the Boso Peninsula is easily accessible from the capital, the area boasts dramatic natural scenery like lush hills, pristine coastlines and rugged cliffs. While busy Tokyo bustles with energy, the people living on the Boso Peninsula take a more laidback approach, making it ideal for a relaxing getaway filled with scenic beauty and the simple pleasures in life.

  • Experience Fixed-net Fishing and Have Your Catch of the Day for Breakfast
Distance from nearest ryokan: 45 min by car from SAZANE, 10 min by car from THE SHINRA

Ito Port is located about 10 minutes by car from THE SHINRA. During the fishing season, local fishing boats head out every morning before dawn and bring back fresh seafood like Ise lobsters and sea bream caught in a fixed-net system.

Fixed-net fishing is an environmentally friendly and sustainable method that involves placing hedge nets in the bay that herd fish into a catchment net, which is pulled in once a day.

Join these hearty local fishermen on their pre-dawn excursion and have your own catch for breakfast at a restaurant right next door to the port.

  • Dive into the Sharknado
Distance from nearest ryokan: 45 min by car from SAZANE, 10 min by car from THE SHINRA

If you have a diving license, you can enjoy the unique experience of swimming in a towering school of banded houndsharks with BOMMIE Diving Service, located 10 minutes away from THE SHINRA by car.

The sharks congregate around a rich artificial reef about 3 minutes away from port. BOMMIE feeds the sharks there to discourage them from travelling closer to Ito Port, where they might become entangled in fishing nets. The dive site is located at a depth of about 20 meters and boasts a wide variety of sea life, including sting rays, grouper and colorful sea anemones.

At feeding time, the sharks swirl around the divers in a playful tornado of motion, more like overeager puppies than the scary predators Hollywood would have you imagine. Kan Shiota, founder of BOMMIE, hopes the experience will be as educational as it is enjoyable. “Sharks are fascinating and so cool”, he says, and this adventuresome dive will put you right into their world.

The standard dive course takes over an hour and includes two dives. From port, it is about 3 minutes to the site and each dive is approximately 30 minutes with a break in between.

  • Experience Making Boshu Paper Fans at Uchiwa-no-Otaya
Distance from nearest ryokan: 20 min by car from SAZANE, 25 min by car from THE SHINRA

Using light fans made from paper and bamboo to ease the sticky summer heat is a tradition in Japan. Awa Country in Chiba, also called Boshu, was well known for growing great quality bamboo during the Edo Period (1603-1868). The area has since become known for a unique style of fan called a Boshu fan.

Boshu paper fans have two distinctive features: a round handle called a maru-e and a semicircular lattice window called a mado. The maru-e retains the original shape of the bamboo, which is then split into 48 to 64 ribs for the fan. In the mado, the ribs are woven together with thread to splay them out evenly, forming a frame for the paper.

In this 90-minute workshop at Uchiwa-no-Otaya, you will make your own Boshu paper fan, weaving the bamboo ribs one by one. After fishing the frame, you can choose your favorite Japanese paper or cloth to finish your creation.

  • Private Visit to the Unique Gake-no-Kannon
Distance from nearest ryokan: 20 min by car from SAZANE, 20 min by car from THE SHINRA

Gake-no-Kannon, literally “Kannon of the Cliff”, is another name for Daifuku-ji, a Buddhist temple built into the sheer cliff face of Mt. Funakata. Originally founded in 717, the temple has been destroyed multiple times dues to earthquakes, fire, landslides and other natural disasters. The current structures date from the 1920s. worshippers come here to pray for the safety of fishermen and for a bountiful catch.

Mounting the stairs to the main structure, you will be treated to a beautiful panoramic view of the volcanic peak of Izu Oshima Island rising from the glittering waters of the Pacific. And behind the temple, there is an ancient rock carving depicting an eleven-faced manifestation of Kannon, the goddess of mercy.

  • Recommended Local Restaurants
Distance from nearest ryokan: 45 min by car from SAZANE, 10 min by car from THE SHINRA

Daibo is an open-air restaurant where you can grill your own seafood at your table. It is the venue for breakfast after the fixed-net fishing excursion, but it is also open for lunch. The seafront location provides an excellent atmosphere for a casual meal, and you can also check out the shop next to the dining space for souvenirs!

Distance from nearest ryokan: 20 min by car from SAZANE, 30 min by car from THE SHINRA

Toki-no-ne is a kaiseki restaurant in a renovated 100-year-old residence. With its classic Japanese beauty and gourmet menu, Toki-no-ne is very popular with the locals for special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties.

In addition to the main dining room, there are also private dining spaces in the annex that can accommodate 10 to 30 people. in the spacious traditional Japanese garden, there is a hot spring footbath for a relaxing soak before or after your meal. A complimentary shuttle is available from THE SHINRA.

Distance from nearest ryokan: 30 min by car from SAZANE, 15 min by car from THE SHINRA

Umi-no-hana is a kappo-style sushi restaurant located next to Tateyama Station, making it an especially convenient lunch stop for those travelling from Tokyo on JR trains. The friendly staffs serve seafood freshly caught off the Boso Peninsula, and the rice, vegetables and beautiful plates are also locally sourced.

Enjoy the freshest of fresh sushi for your first meal on the Boso Peninsula!