Sumiya is an excellent choice when planning a trip to Kyoto. Located near the heart of the main sightseeing areas, Sumiya is a very authentic style ryokan and has been in business for 100 years. It has seen three generations of owners. Sumiya is a very inviting ryokan. There is a fusuma (Japanese sliding door) so you immediately feel as though you are visiting an old traditional Japanese home. Priceless Japanese antiques representing times past can be seen throughout the residence. Sumiya's authenticity expresses a quiet charm that is very welcoming. Sumiya also has many tea rooms, and Gyokutoan is a particularly well known one.

Japanese Tea Experience at Sumiya

Sumiya is offering a new experience for its guests - a chance to experience making, serving and drinking Japanese tea. This service offers a look into the fascinating world of "O-cha" Japanese tea, and the techniques, considerations and customs that enhance its enjoyment. This experience is sure to help deepen your enjoyment and appreciation of the wonderful world of tea.

Sumiya is offering this special service to groups of two to eight guests. Cost is 2,500 yen per person; advance reservations are necessary.