Tea House "Gyoku-to-an"
On the 7th and 17th of each month tea ceremony is held for all the guests to enjoy. Tea is said to lie at the very roots of Japanese culture - the rituals and philosophy associated with tea-drinking spread to influence Japanese aesthetics profoundly over the course of a thousand years.

The intricacies of the tea ceremony and the aesthetics associated with it reached their epitome in the sixteen century under the tea master Sen Rikyu Soeki. He is credited with the formalizing of the tea ceremony, setting in place a strict frame work for every element linked to it, from the type of teacups to the flowers displayed and to the structure of the teahouse.

Japanese Tea Experience at Sumiya

Sumiya is offering a new experience for its guests - a chance to experience making, serving and drinking Japanese tea. This service offers a look into the fascinating world of "O-cha" Japanese tea, and the techniques, considerations and customs that enhance its enjoyment. This experience is sure to help deepen your enjoyment and appreciation of the wonderful world of tea.

Sumiya is offering this special service to groups of two to eight guests. Cost is 3,240 yen per person; advance reservations are necessary.