Exclusive Kyoto Experience designed by Toppan Profound Tourism

Toppan has long endeavored to preserve and pass on cultural heritage while making full use of digital technologies. We propose profound travel that allows you to experience authentic sides of Japan through encounters with deeply valuable sites and tradition-bearers.
By participating in this journey, you will become another link connecting the cultural treasures of humanity to the next generation.
  • Day 1
  • Arrive at Kansai International Airport, Osaka. There, the driver will greet you and take you to Kyoto around by a private chauffer.
Private entrance to UNESCO World Heritage Toji-Temple and Exclusive tea ceremony.

Visit one of 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kyoto, Toji. It is home to many important National Treasures. Toji remains one of the oldest and most impressive Buddhist temples in Kyoto today. During the tours, participants take a deep dive into venerable traditions of Kyoto’s Temple and see how they have successfully been maintained over the centuries.
Temple monks explain how their daily practices keep temple institutions strong and healthy. At Toji, the Shingon sect of Esoteric Buddhism was able to conserve its culture through both stable and uncertain times over hundreds of years; in this tour participants will gain insight into how to build lasting and resilient organizations.
  • Study session using Toppan VR in Toji-Temple or external facilities, a detailed recreation of the Buddhist universe.
  • Exclusive tour of the pagoda, Kodo Hall and temple grounds with Toji Monks.
  • Exclusive uses of Kanchi-in Hall with a special tea ceremony, lecture and viewing of a painting by Miyamoto Musashi, the father of swordsmanship in Japan.
Private chauffer transfer to our member Ryokan.

Check in at the ryokan in Kyoto. Ryokan Collection has several member Ryokan in this area.






  • Day 2
  • Check out from the Ryokan.
    You will be met by the driver in front of the ryokan and he will take you to historical gardens in Kyoto.
Exclusive Japanese garden tour lead by a master gardener.

Visit two of the most renowned, yet very different gardens of Kyoto. Experience firsthand the art of gardening and the deep, reverential connection between man and nature that is at the heart of these exquisitely maintained gardens.
The venerable Ueya Kato Landscape Company, established in 1848, cares for the historical gardens of Nanzen-ji and Murin-an. Their master gardeners are intimate with these gardens and have a deep respect for nature. Staff curators are knowledgeable in cultural history, garden design, and aesthetics, and able to provide insightful lectures and lead informal discussions. The Ueya Kato Landscape Company is passionately committed to educating the public about the value of these gardens.
  • A private tour of the gardens of Murin-an and Nanzen-ji with master gardenrs from Ueya Kato Landscape company and on-location lectures by staff curators.
  • A virtual exploration of Ogata Korin’s lacquer “Writing Box with Eight Bridges” (National Treasure) With a controller, move through the inner and outer surfaces of this masterpiece.
  • A bento dinner served in a private second-story room with a panoramic view of the entire Murin-an grounds.
  • Reserved room during the daytime and whole house for night in these gardens available.

  • Return by private chauffer to our member Ryokan.
  • Day 3
  • Check out from the ryokan.
    Today you will experience uninterrupted Japanese spirit of cuisine.
Traditional culinary tour by a long-running Kyoto restaurant, Rokusei.

Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) is instilled with the unique aesthetics of the Japanese, who revere nature. This tour will explore the secrets of this uniquely Japanese condiment that is prepared with much time and effort and brings out ingredients’ flavors.
The third generation family head, Hiroyuki Horiba, pursues the source of Kyoto cuisine and researches cuisine from the Heian period (around the eight century). He has put a modern spin on traditional dishes, while faithfully replicating everything from the ingredients and presentation to the room décor and tableware. This exclusive cultural experience allows guests to feel the Japanese sprit that has been passed down over 1,000 uninterrupted years, an experience that will last a lifetime.

Learning how to make dashi stock which is vital to Japanese food directly from a chef specializing in Kyoto cuisine.
  • Course A: Heian Dynasty Cuisine – Experience the lives of nobility from the middle ages.
  • Course B: Kaiseki – Traditional Japanese multi-course meal.
  • Course C: Teoke Bento – Rokusei specialty.
Later in the afternoon, return to Kansai International Airport, Osaka