The Ryokan Collection is the world’s first consortium of luxury ryokan traditional Japanese inns and Japanese small luxury hotels. For the past decade, we have been introducing exciting new discoveries and experiences guests from around the world.

Japanese ryokan can trace their history back over 1,300 years. These small, family-run inns, many of them clustered in hot spring towns throughout Japan, have, over the centuries, developed Japan’s special style of hospitality, called omotenashi. Today over 50,000 ryokan throughout Japan provide this special brand of premium service.

Currently, The Ryokan Collection consists of 47 ryokan members, all of them representative Japanese inns that have passed our rigorous inspections.

This traditional hospitality and Japanese way of meticulous service have been the main reason behind the success of family-run ryokan businesses for centuries.

The style of service is a little different from what you might find at a conventional luxury hotel. Ryokan usually offer two meals for each night’s stay, breakfast and dinner. The ryokan’s chefs procure fresh local ingredients each day, then cook and serve them in the freshest, most delicious state possible. To serve the meals in peak condition, the timing of the meals is determined by the ryokan.

Delicious meals, friendly staff and relaxing onsen hot springs are the main reasons behind the huge popularity of ryokan in Japan.
These traditional inns are usually located far from the big cities, surrounded by rich nature and close to natural hot spring sources.

These locations make it possible for you to experience all kinds of unique and fascinating local beauty and culture. When you stay at a ryokan, you have lots of opportunities to see some incredibly beautiful scenery and explore new places. For example, you might visit a sake brewery with an introduction from the ryokan’s manager, or you could meet craftsmen who make the handmade pottery used in the inn.
These encounters and discoveries add to the fun of staying at a ryokan.

We look forward to introducing you to some of the best food and hospitality available in Japan, and helping you experience the unique charms of various regions of our country. These are authentic experiences of the rich culture that the Japanese have nurtured for centuries.

Let us show you to Japanese culture, introduce you to warm-hearted local people, and help you discover delicious new foods that you may have never tried before. Let us help you to find a new appreciation of Japanese culture through experiencing the luxury ultimate lifestyle.

Hiroki Fukunaga
Founder and CEO
The Ryokan Collection